Workers load trailer-mounted boilers from Nationwide Boiler onto the ship, Mignon, in Galveston, Texas, to make their way, along with a Nationwide mobile feedwater van, to a gas-to-liquids project in the Middle East.

Two 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted boilers and one 140,000 lb/hr mobile feedwater van from Fremont, Calif.-based Nationwide Boiler Inc. have been supplied to Kentz Engineers and Constructors as part of the Pearl Qatar Shell gas-to-liquids project.

The units were loaded on a roll on/roll off ship at the Port of Galveston, Texas, which then headed for Dohar in Qatar on the Persian Gulf, a more than 30-day journey. The boilers will be used to produce steam for the deaeration of feedwater during the initial steam-blowing operation, estimated to take six months. Nationwide Boiler also will provide initial startup services and full-time operators for the equipment through the duration of the contract.

“The logistical planning and project management involved with this job was very complex and required exact collaboration from Nationwide Boiler, our Middle East customer, our banker regarding the letter of credit, and our export logistics and transportation company,” says Larry Day, Nationwide’s vice president. “It was also vital that our outbound equipment passed strict maintenance and inspection guidelines to ensure a smooth startup in the Middle East and to meet project deadlines.”

The project includes the development of upstream gas production facilities as well as an onshore gas-to-liquids plant that will produce 140,000 barrels per day of high-quality gas-to-liquids fuels and products along with 120,000 barrels per day of condensate, liquefied petroleum gas and ethane.