A tank terminal in Louisiana and a polysilicon plant in China have selected Solutia’s Therminol heat transfer fluids for their projects.

International Matex Tank Terminals in St. Rose, La., chose Therminol 55 synthetic fluid for its expansion project. The fluid will be used to provide indirect heat to 58 large storage tanks containing materials such as asphalt, diesel fuel and other high-melting point compounds that need to be kept warm to prevent them from solidifying. The fluid’s synthetic chemistry is more resistant to the effects of oxidation than are conventional mineral oils, and it has good thermal stability, according to Therminol’s James Fordonski, global asphalt market lead.

In China’s Xinyu City, LDK Solar will use Therminol D12 and Therminol 66 synthetic heat transfer fluids at a new solar-grade high purity polysilicon manufacturing plant. LDK manufactures multi-crystalline solar wafers that are the main raw material for photovoltaic solar cells. The polysilicon is used on photovoltaic cells which in turn are used to convert light energy directly into electricity. Therminol heat transfer fluid  is used for providing indirect heating and cooling in the polysilicon manufacturing processes.