The MT 409 stainless steel air-to-air plate-type heat exchanger from Exothermics offers product cost reductions as high as 30 percent. The savings, available for low to medium temperature exhaust processes, is achieved through the use of the company’s exclusive sinusoidal design and 409 grade stainless steel. 409 stainless can be quite adequate for temperatures ranging from 70°F to 800°f. The lower cost 409 stainless material provides an impressive payback in low to medium temperature applications. With the new MT exchanger, Exothermics can deliver incredible paybacks even on exhausts lower than 200°f. Exothermics has delivered heat exchanger payback periods in as short as 3 months.

It makes sense to look seriously at a heat exchanger that can turn wasted exhaust air and gases from baking, drying, heating or other processes into usable energy. The Exothermics engineering team can match the right design, size and material to fit each application precisely.

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