Many industrial processes require heating to accomplish a goal, such as melting or drying a product. A large percentage of systems use heat transfer fluid (hot oil) that is circulated by a pump.

Special designs from Dickow Pump allow operation at temperatures up to 800°F. These pumps ensure acceptable service life for bearings and mechanical seals without utility cooling.

Dickow model NKLs mechanically sealed pumps use a metal bellows seal with silicon carbide faces. The rotating bellows resists buildup of coke particles.

Dickow model NCL sealed pumps use tandem seals with pumping ring and seal pot.

Dickow model NMW is a magnetically coupled sealless design with 30 years of successful applications. Mechanical seals are eliminated, enhancing personnel safety and environmental protection. Maintenance outages and associated costs are reduced.

Pump designs from Dickow offer:
  • Flows to 7000 gpm
  • Heads to 700 ft
Hot water and boiler feed pumps also are available.

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