Process heating applications that require temperatures between 350°F and 650°F frequently can be serviced more dependably, efficiently, uniformly and safely with a thermal liquid system as opposed to a steam, water, electric or direct-fired system. Over the past 40 years, thermal liquid systems have been used in a wide variety of applications, from food processing to chemical plants to adhesive heating and particle-board pressing.

A thermal liquid system consists of the heater, circulating pump and expansion tank, and possibly a distribution tank, with properly sized piping to the heat utilizers. System distribution tanks for primary secondary pumping systems are common when heater flow-through cannot be guaranteed with one pump system. Correctly engineered, a thermal liquid system is extremely trouble free. Operating pressures are very low.

Parker’s direct-fired heater for thermal liquids is an all-double-welded bent-steel liquid-tube design for continuous expansion and contraction, which eliminates problems from rolled tubes, ferrell fits and retainer clips.

All Parker tube bundles carry a 25 year guarantee against thermal shock.

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