Infrared dryers provide benefits to processors such as floor space savings, zoned heating and quick heat up and shut down. Other advantages of infrared dryers include:
  • High efficiency conversion of electrical energy into heat for electrical infrared.
  • Floor space savings due to smaller size.
  • Heats only the object without heating the surroundings.
  • Easy to zone for uniform heating of the product.
  • Faster response to changing process conditions.
  • Quick startup and shut down.
  • Easy to have cut off zones for narrow widths.
  • Ease of control.
  • Can be easily added to existing conventional dryers to increase line speeds.
  • Suitable for solvent-based coatings.
The limitations of infrared dryers include:
  • Difficult to work with temperature-sensitive substrates.
  • Scaling up of the heaters is not always straightforward.
  • Because infrared is basically a surface phenomenon, it iss harder to dry heavier coatings.
  • It is almost essential to run trial in a laboratory or on a pilot line to confirm the design.