Proper maintenance and service contracts provide insurance to keep your process running and give you peace of mind.

When considering the cost of a chiller, step back and consider what it is worth to the bottom line. The answer can be more than you think - if it is a production process that incorporates a chiller as a critical component. Imagine a scenario where the line fabricates product worth more than $30,000 per day. What would you do if the chiller went down? How much will the downtime cost?

In the overall scheme of capital expenditures, the integration of a recirculating chiller into a corporate-critical production process might be financially insignificant (less than $10,000). This cost is quickly forgotten if the recirculating chiller breaks down and the entire production process ceases. In cooling critical processes, a maintenance contract and service for the recirculator can be vital. Contingencies such as a spare cooling unit and/or a comprehensive planned maintenance/service contract from the manufacturer can quickly realize their value.