IH2technology has gotten a boost. The catalytic thermochemical process holds promise as a cost-effective route to produce liquid transportation fuels from renewable resources, according to the Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines, Ill. GTI has set up a new pilot-scale IH2plant to broaden the biomass-to-liquid hydrocarbon fuel conversion.

The IH2process converts virtually any type of non-food biomass feedstock, such as wood, agricultural residues, algae and aquatic plants. High-quality hydrocarbon fuels and/or blend stocks in the gasoline, jet and diesel range have been produced by IH2technology in GTI tests using a broad spectrum of biomass feed. The IH2products are fungible with fossil-derived fuels and are completely compatible with current infrastructure. In this way, the IH2process differs from other biofuel technologies that produce crude or oxygen-containing intermediates needing substantial further upgrading. GTI has licensed the IH2technology to Houston-based CRI Catalyst Co. for worldwide deployment. The timeline to market is short, with commercial introduction expected in early 2011, according to GTI.