Best In Class

This is not a trick question: What do industrial processes, Disney, institutions, and the military have in common?

The answer: Parker Boiler.

Manufacturing plants, theme parks, universities and hospitals, and the U.S. government all rely on Parker Boiler Co. for the boiler systems that provide their hot water or steam needs, whether for industrial processes, domestic use or fantasy shows.

Most U.S. companies don’t make it past their first five years, but Parker Boiler has 91 years under its belt. And it reached that milestone by always adopting the most current technology, engineering reliable products, standing behind its equipment and providing customers with top service.

Engineering, a critical first step for the company, has been its cornerstone for decades. Their boilers are engineered for more efficient operation (whether gas, low NOx, oil or combination gas/oil fired) for delivery of hot dry steam in fewer than 10 minutes. The units are UL or ETL listed and ASME constructed, as well as registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Here are just a few examples of the strong engineering designs and technology that Parker incorporates into its equipment.

All Parker thermal liquid heaters can be used in chemical plants, plastic molding, food processing, asphalt heating, wood-veneer manufacturing, particle board pressing, adhesive heating, aircraft interiors, military Kevlar door lamination, and much more.

Thermal Liquid Heaters: 207 Series

For high-temperature industrial processes, Parker uses a bent-steel liquid-tube design for an extremely efficient, reliable thermal fluid heater that’s built for the long-term and provides ease of maintenance. Low NOXburners are available. Process heating applications operating between 350°F and 650°F often can be serviced more dependably, efficiently uniformly and safely with a thermal liquid system rather than a steam, water, electric or direct-fired system.

Internal construction of the gas-fired model has staggered tubes to provide a 10-pass self-baffled heating surface. Designed-in flexibility permits free expansion and contraction, which eliminates warping and leaking.

Tubes are 1 5/16" OD heavy thickness steel, minimum 0.12" wall seamless steel double-welded to headers with high tensile-weld metal. Headers are internally baffled for controlled flow, and the bent-tube design permits each tube to expand and contract with changes in temperature. The low NOXVFD drive fan-assisted metal-fiber burner system provides a uniform bed of metal fiber burners for emissions of less than 20 pm NOXcorrected for 3% O2, with turndown ratios even on small units, up to 5:1.

Fast, dry steam, full pressure in 10 minutes can save thousands in starting and stopping a plant and re-heating the water inventory in a typical scotch marine or fire-tube boiler with the advantage of a 25-year thermal-shock warranty. No Parker boiler has ever been known to experience an internal explosion.

Steam Boilers: 100-105 Series

No Parker boiler has ever been known to experience an internal explosion that’s how carefully the equipment is engineered and all carry a 25-year non pro-rated warranty against thermal shock. There are not very many boilers on the planet that operators can blow off completely empty from 240 PSI and add 40°F water and not damage the boiler in any way, shape or form.

Designed for simplicity as well as efficiency, the steam models 1½ to 150 HP provide large heating surfaces and even heat distribution, which minimizes scaling. Because simplicity is Parker’s byword, the burner system, control system and, in fact, the entire system, are furnished so that the unit is simple to operate by regular personnel. While the boiler is top quality industrial or battleship grade the equipment may not have the overall lowest initial first cost. However, for longevity and ease of maintenance, combined with quick heat-up time, it has by far the lowest cost of ownership over any other boiler made in North America.

Parker tubes are the thickest flexible boiler water tubes made in the United State of America. Tubes are furnished in complete sets that are easy and inexpensive to replace. In fact, if a re-tube is every required, the owner, without any special tools, licenses or approvals, can replace a section of the tubes in most models in less than 30 minutes. All tubes are flexibly arranged to permit free expansion and contraction to eliminate the warping or leaking that is too often typical of rigid construction. Users can expect heatup to 100 PSI from a cold start in less than 10 minutes.

With the Parker design, internal inspections are easier and much faster compared to the typical fire-tube and other water-tube designs. Just four pins hold the external cabinet doors, which means that with a simple 1/4-turn, the door is removed and the tubes exposed. Even during operation when the boiler is hot, an operator can completely blow down the boiler several times with cold water allowing work inside the unit in just a few minutes. A ½-wrench inserted in one or two access plugs quickly pulls out the plugs for fast access. In other words, the boiler can go from full-steam pressure, to opening, to closing, and then to up and running again, all in less than one hour. How many steam boilers on the market provide such easy access for inspection and maintenance? In most other boiler designs, that sequence is a one- to three-day project.

A direct-fired hot water boiler operating to 400°F and pressures to 300 PSI, this Section 1 hot water boiler can offer the same process temperatures of steam, similar to process temperatures of thermal fluid, without the additional maintenance of chemical treatments, blow offs, steam-trap problems and additional licensing requirements of a steam system.

Hot Water Boilers: 201-205 Series

The hot water boiler Model 201-5 with bent-steel water tube at 300,000 to 6,800,000 BTU is powered by gas, low NOX, light oil or combination-fired. Engineered for combining the best in economy, safety, efficiency and durability, the units operate at temperatures to 400°F and pressures to 300 PSI.

Engineered for low-cost operation while maintaining Parker quality, the heavy insulated cabinet is durably constructed with two thicknesses of heavy steel, insulated on all sides with high temperature thermal-fiber insulation, which reduces heat losses to the bare minimum. The staggered tubing design provides a 10-pass self-baffled large heating surface to increase efficiency. The unit is factory assembled in the cabinet with the boiler, combustion chamber, burner and controls mounted and wired for inexpensive installation.

 High temperature combustion chamber and quality thermal-fiber insulation prevent heat losses and eliminate all field brick work. The baked-enamel wrinkle finish is heat resistant and provides protection for long life.

First-class engineering is a priority with Parker Boiler, and the company gives equal attention to servicing its customers promptly and effectively. Contact Parker at; or (323) 727-9800.