An integral part of what makes even the most sophisticated equipment effective is not its design, its software or even its age. It is its calibration.

In its ongoing effort to assure oven users that their equipment remains accurate throughout production and their thermal profiles remain consistent through every run, ECD Inc., Milwaukie, Ore., has developed products to verify thermal quality management. One way is to use profiling tools that remain in calibration.

ECD asked its thermal profiling customers what they thought would improve their ability to always have their thermal profilers in calibration. The answers were consistent and direct:
  • Automatic recalibration reminders.
  • Quicker, cheaper and faster recalibration.
  • A loaner profiler provided during recalibration.
In response to this feedback, the company developed its M.O.L.E. calibration contracts. Available for most ECD thermal profilers, the contracts are structured to increase processors' productivity while eliminating downtime during calibration.

Offered with basic, express and premium levels of service, the contracts range from one to three years. Features include prepay discounts, prepaid quick-turn shipping, and no-charge repair of incidental issues up to either $100 or $200, depending on the plan. With the premium plan, a loaner is provided. To learn more about the contract options, visit