Consider this situation: It is 15°F (-9.44°C) and your ambient-sensed circuit should be on, but the only way to know for sure is to climb a 40' ladder and look up close at the end-of-circuit light. You could wait until night, when the contrast is better, but you need to know now.

If you had the Thermon Beacon you could keep your feet on the ground.

Thermon Manufacturing Co., San Marcos, Texas, has added the Terminator Beacon end-of-circuit light to its line of Terminator connection kits. The unit gives visual indication that a circuit is on, which is critical because heat tracing circuits often terminate at inconvenient locations. The 32 LEDs allow for day or night viewing from virtually any vantage point.

Heat tracing systems around the world basically operate on five standard voltages, and the Beacon operates on all of them, from 100 V to 277 V.