A manufacturer that designs and builds special machinery for use in refurbishing boilers in power generation, chemical, and pulp and paper mills needed a bearing component for their welding equipment that could hold up to the constant build-up of alloy steel weld spatter and could be easily removed when the welding heads required replacement. The extremely harsh environment, increased downtimes, and rapid wearing from contamination prompted the manufacturer to seek a new solution to the existing CAM follower design. The bearings also had to handle loads of 150 lbs and speeds of 250" per second.

Welding machines are placed inside large boilers which lay down rows of weld beads along the boiler wall, building up the wall thickness. The weld torches are rack and gear driven with wire feeders.

Bishop-Wisecarver’s size 2 and 3 stainless steel DualVee® v guide wheels and mating track proved to be the perfect choice for this application because of their long life capabilities, enhanced corrosion resistant capabilities, their ease of removal, and their ability to provide smooth, accurate motion in elevated temperatures.

Available in six sizes, DualVee guide wheels are stocked in both 52100 bearing steel and 440C stainless steel. DualVee is also offered in a high temperature version that is specifically designed to withstand operating temperatures up to 500°F. Known for its unmatched reliability in any environment, DualVee provides the versatility that special equipment builders and welding manufacturers often need.

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