NFPA 86, the safety standard for industrial ovens and furnaces, moved one step closer to the 2011 edition, a major revision, as the association released its report on comments. Interested parties have until April 9 to act.


A report on comments (ROC) relating to proposed changes to the NFPA 86 safety standard for industrial ovens and furnaces was released by the National Fire Protection Association, the leading fire safety and consensus standards-making body.

The ROC, which is “a report to the association on the actions taken by technical committees…accompanied by a ballot statement and one or more comments resulting from public review of the report on proposals (ROP),” presents a final opportunity for interested parties to respond to proposed changes to this critical standard. Those wishing to make amending motions on the technical committee reports have until April 9, 2010, to submit a written notice of their intent to make a motion at the association's annual technical meeting.

The proposed changes to NFPA 86 will only be presented for action at the technical meeting - scheduled for June 7-10, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas - if and when proper amending motions have been submitted to NFPA by the April 9 deadline. Documents that do not receive motions will not be presented at the meeting and instead will be forwarded directly to the Standards Council for action on issuance.

To submit a written notice of intent to make a motion, visit and click on the “Next edition” tab.

For more information about the rules and procedures for NFPA standards changes, visit, or view the archived webinar, “NFPA 86 Major Rewrite: How to Impact Proposed Changes,” at