Online Courses Present Opportunities

Interested in learning more about steam trap maintenance, utilities incentives, CHP systems, controlling burner emissions or infrared processing? Turn to the Internet for informative webinars.
  • “Easy Ways to Save Energy Now: Take Care of those Steam Traps,” organized by the Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies (ITP) program, will describe how an ITP-funded project identified ways to perform preventive maintenance on such systems rather than follow the standard “break/fix” model. According to the ITP, the results of activities underway using non-proprietary, secure wireless steam trap monitoring sensors show tangible savings. It is scheduled for May 6. To sign up, visit

  • “Public Power Financial Incentives” will focus on the financial incentives public power utilities are offering to their industrial customers. Also presented by ITP, the webinar will present the benefits and challenges posed by offering these incentives. It is scheduled for May 12.

  • “Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Case Studies,” also hosted by the ITP, will focus on the challenges faced and benefits gained by industrial energy consumers during CHP implementation. This session also will include utility programs that help industrial customers develop CHP resources. It is scheduled for June 9.

  • “Burner Emissions,” presented by long-time PH columnist and consultant Dick Bennett of Janus Technology Group, Rockford, Ill., explains how CO and NOX form, and how to keep them to a minimum in process heating operations. This on-demand webinar can be viewed any time at

  • “How to Improve Process Heating Efficiencies with Infrared,” presented by Bob Beattie and Tom Bannos, two infrared experts who work with IHEA’s Infrared Equipment Division, explains what infrared is, how it works, its characteristics, how it can improve your heat processing application, and appropriate applications for use. This on-demand webinar also can be viewed any time at
Five courses, all without leaving your desk -- it’s like getting a free pass to a process heating conference.

Linda Becker, Associate Publisher and Editor,