Two high-specification Carbolite ovens have been installed at sealing provider Greene, Tweed and Co. Ltd.'s U.K. manufacturing facility to increase the capacity and consistency of its raw material sintering operation.

Greene, Tweed, with U.S. headquarters in Kulpsville, Pa., molds its products in both tube and bar form in the facility before they are sintered and then machined to custom designs.

Each of the two new ovens, which join two existing 10-year-old units, has a  maximum operating temperature of 797°F (425°C). Temperature uniformity is guaranteed to be better than ±5°C but typically is closer to ±3°C, according to Carbolite, with U.S. headquarters in Watertown, Wis.

Both the tube and bar forms being processed stand on rotating tables, ensuring that heat is applied evenly to all the material. The tables, which are perforated to improve air circulation throughout the chamber, rotate approximately once every two minutes. Heating is provided by Incoloy-sheathed, mineral-insulated rod elements located behind side duct sheets. Heavy-duty fan impellers on either side of the chambers circulate the air.

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