Honeywell was selected to supply the process automation and control platform for a new South Korea polysilicon plant constructed to help meet the rising global demand for solar panels. Woongjin Polysilicon will use Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) with Foundation Fieldbus solutions to help the Sangju plant produce an estimated 5,000 tons of polysilicon per year.

Polysilicon is used in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels, which help convert solar energy into electricity and are part of the renewable energy technology.

Honeywell’s Experion helps streamline plant operations by pulling data directly from critical plant subsystems and sending the information to operators to help them make better decisions in the control room.

As part of the agreement, Honeywell also will supply its Safety Manager product and and the Mobile Station wireless station tablet. Safety Manager provides operators with safety information such as pre-shutdown alerts as well as plant-wide safety instrumented system (SIS) point data, diagnostics, and alarms and events. Mobile Station allows operators to use a wireless tablet or other handheld device to access process information, historical data, graphics and other key functions in the field.

“The need for solar energy will only increase as the world looks for more sources of renewable resources,” says BD Kwon, project lead engineer of Woongjin Polysilicon. “This new facility will play a vital role in helping to meet that growing demand, and we selected Honeywell for this project because its philosophy of improving safety, reliability and efficiency is proven to optimize production and business results.”