Hutchinson’s initial interest in Miura was sparked by a magazine report about a Miura boiler installation at a university hospital. The article referenced ways in which Miura’s modular design and on-demand steam technology was able to reduce fuel costs compared with traditional firetube boilers. Hutchinson investigated further, and Miura put him in touch with the facilities director at the hospital mentioned in the article.

“While I was checking references, I spoke with my counterpart at the other hospital,” Hutchinson says. “He told me that he was unfamiliar with Miura at first, but is now very glad he installed their boilers. He also said that after the first month of operation, the local gas company came by and replaced its meter because his gas consumption had dropped so much, they assumed their meter was broken, which it wasn’t.”

Encouraged by this, Hutchinson spoke with several other current users of Miura boilers, including a manager at a local industrial laundry. Hutchinson learned that the laundry manager, who is currently using Miura boilers, was a former boiler operator at a regional medical center in Tuscaloosa that did not use Miura. The laundry manager provided Hutchinson with a first-hand comparison of the two boiler systems in terms relevant to a hospital facilities director. These comments confirmed his decision to choose Miura even though an engineering firm consulting on the project had already committed to installing three older-style 400 BHP fire-tube units from another manufacturer.