The only U.S. standard regarding the strength of thermowells, ASME PTC 19.3-TW, has just had its first significant revision in 35 years. New geometries, new requirements, new capabilities and more than 40 new pages of math and physics calculations are jsut some of the changes in ASME PTC 19.3-TW (2010).

To help thermowell designers develop components that meet the revised standard, JMS Southeast Inc., Statesville, N.C., released SwiftyCalc, a no-cost online tool for registered users.

The JMS SwiftyCalc provides users with a thermowell design based upon the user’s material requirements and process variables - and one that meets the ASME PTC 19.3-TW (2010) standard. Users can save the results to their accounts and return later to modify on the fly. JMS SwiftyCalc also provides users with instant theoretical maximums for insertion length and flow rate. In addition, if budget information is needed, JMS engineers can provide a quote based on the SwiftyCalc design.