HeetSheet units are plate-type heating units made of 20 or 26 gauge (0.91 or 0.45 mm) 304 stainless steel. The units are seam-welded to define a variety of parallel passageways for steam or other heat transfer fluids.

HeetSheet units are applied to the external wall of a tank and may be installed on flat or curved surfaces. Cross-contamination may be a concern with internal steam heating coils and jacketed tanks, but not with HeetSheet units.

Each unit is pre-rolled to your specific diameter and includes welded inlet and outlet connections. A special non-hardening heat transfer compound is applied to enhance heat conduction through the tank wall and into the process being heated.

The 26 gauge (0.45 mm) HeetSheet unit only weighs about 9.8 kg/m2(2 lb/ft2) compared to almost 40 kg/m2(8 lb/ft2) for a typical external plate-type-heating coil. The lightweight designs permit the installation of HeetSheet units in minutes compared to hours for other methods.

Product temperatures to 177°C (350°F) can be maintained with common applications that include heating phthalic anhydride, paraffin, syrup, sulfur, asphalt, “heavy ends” and many food products.

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