Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured an electrically heated batch oven to cure composite material for the automotive industry. The curing oven has chamber dimensions of 10'0" wide x 25'0" long x 9'0" high and a maximum operating temperature of 500° F.

The oven is constructed with 4" thick tongue and groove panel assemblies and 20 gauge aluminized steel interiors and ductwork. The heating system features incoloy sheathed heating elements, for a total of 240kW heat input with SCR power control. The recirculation system has a 29,000 CFM @ 25 HP blower, and utilizes combination airflow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity.

The oven is specifically designed with composite curing features for precise temperature and pressure control. The exhaust features motorized dampers on both the fresh air inlet and the exhaust outlet for enhanced heating and cooling capabilities. Four (4) interior vacuum stubs are located on the side of the oven and piped to the main vacuum manifold. A sixteen (16) position type “J” thermocouple jack panel, transducers, and solenoids were also provided on the side of the oven. All of these composite curing features provide the customer with the ability to closely monitor part temperatures for a high quality cure. For more information on composite curing ovens visit our website at http://www.wisoven.com/composite.htm.

The customer required a 9-point temperature uniformity of +/-10° F at 350° F. Actual temperature uniformity results were +3.9° F / -6.8° F @ 350° F. The oven has a NEMA 12 control enclosure with IEC style motor starters, push buttons, and pilot lights. The temperature for the oven is controlled by a Honeywell DCP300 programmable controller and recorded by a Honeywell DPR250 recorder.

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