For more than 90 years Maxon -- A Honeywell Company has been a leader in the industrial heating equipment market, and that leadership continues today. Recently Maxon played a major role in applying state-of-the-art combustion systems at a new auto manufacturer’s plant in the Midwest. Fostering relationships with various OEMs and design firms across the globe, Maxon engineers were able to design cost-effective, low emissions and energy efficient combustion solutions that have made the auto plant one of the greenest in the United States.

A project of this magnitude often involves coordinating with one or more OEMs, and this installation was no exception. “The communication between three domestic offices, an international office, the end user and many OEMs had to be managed effectively to make this project a success,” says Ryan McClain, a Maxon sales engineer. “When we were all on the same page, we were able to coordinate our efforts and support the OEMs from all angles of the project,” said McClain.

Make-up air supply units at the plant utilize Maxon’s low emissions and rugged NP-LE AIRFLO® raw gas line burners and APX® burners installed with SMARTLINK® MRV intelligent flow control valves. SMARTLINK® MRV is an electronic parallel positioning valve system providing air-to-fuel ratio control to 0.1 degree accuracy. Such high precision control matched with the innovative use of the APX® burner provides operating flexibility to achieve 35% energy savings in the large air supply houses. SMARTLINK® also enhances plant safety and reliability as each valve monitors itself for position, status, and communication – much like computerized engine management systems found on all automobiles today.

The plant’s direct and indirect ovens are powered by Maxon’s M-PAKT® Ultra-Low NOx burners and Maxon’s OVENPAK-LE® low-emissions burners. OVENPAK-LE® is an excellent choice for low NOx, low temperature process air heating, with heat releases as high as 16,500,000 Btu/hr. M-PAKT® produces <4-7ppm NOx, surpassing the toughest air quality standards worldwide. Without any dependence on flue gas recirculation, complex staging, or exotic chambers, M-PAKT® is a robust and cost-effective solution to meet strict air quality requirements while keeping equipment and maintenance costs low.

The ovens and paint spray booths exhaust to regenerative thermal oxidizers, or RTOs, that are fired with another Maxon burner model, the KINEDIZER®. KINEDIZER® burners, and now the KINEDIZER®-LE, have proven their durability and tuning versatility. High turndown combined with minimal excess air allows the plant to quickly warm-up to operating temperature while meeting permitted emission levels.

To complete the package, this auto maker is utilizing Maxon’s rugged and reliable electro-mechanical shutoff valves throughout the plant. Maxon’s industrial safety shutoff valves provide the ultimate in gas shutoff reliability and long-life operation, often lasting for decades of use without issue.

Maxon continues to rely on innovation to fuel its growth and maintain its position as one of the largest combustion equipment manufacturers in the world. With a determined focus on practical heating solutions, Maxon provides burners, valves, and complete combustion systems worldwide from factories in Indiana, Brussels, and Shanghai. Maxon service and support is provided by a comprehensive network of combustion professionals in 54 countries and 83 locations.

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