Raytek ThermoView™ Pi20

Whether your product is moving or stationary, here's how to keep hot spots from ruining product, triggering shutdowns, causing fires and wasting resources.

You can solve your hot spot problems with real-time thermal imaging in industrial process control applications. Rely on the Raytek ThermoView™ Pi20, a high-performance fixed thermal imager that can:
  • Monitor coke clinker hot spots
  • Detect incinerator fire
  • Detect pressboard manufacturing hot spots
  • Test solar modules
  • Monitor hot spots in tobacco drying
  • And do a lot more…
Even if you have a dirty high-temperature environment, the rugged IP45-rated Pi20 camera with Ethernet interface networking capabilities and optional fiber optic accessories can be installed and controlled in real time from a PC located far away. You'll never miss an out-of-process temperature condition because data transmission is fast at 30 frames per second from each camera, and because you get to configure your system or process alarm conditions through user-configurable digital I/O modules.

DataTemp® DTPi fully featured software supports up to 16 Pi20 cameras. With Raytek's intuitive and easy-to-use software, your new ThermoView system will be up and running in minutes.

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