Industry recognizes the coil-coating process as an efficient, environmentally sound method of applying paint to metal. Because coil coating centralizes paint operations from many locations to high-tech coil-coating lines, users of the technology gain many green benefits.

According to the National Coil Coating Association, Cleveland, the coil-coating industry has pioneered controlled processes that include a focus on reducing volatile organic compounds and lowering energy consumption. Recent advances in ultraviolet paint-curing technologies are on the verge of taking pre-paint to the next level of green.

Ultraviolet curing, first introduced in the 1970s, is based on a photochemical reaction initiated when ultraviolet energy is applied to a coating. In just a few seconds, the coating hardens with no loss of volume or thickness, and without producing environmental pollutants.

Recent technology improvements, including reduced volatility, higher flash points, complete reactivity and application equipment enhancements, are opening up new opportunities for coil coaters. Coating formulators continue to develop high performance coating systems using ultraviolet curing technologies. Ultraviolet curing equipment on coil-coating lines could offer more efficient and faster manufacturing with lower energy needs, zero VOCs, and reduced health, safety and compliance concerns. In some instances, ultraviolet curing ovens can allow coaters to run wider coil lines, helping manufacturers meet product requirements with a growing selection of coil-coating options.