Helping electronics manufacturing companies train staff, a trade association has released an educational video to teach viewers about hand soldering terminals. The 37-minute video covers industry best practices for soldering wires to commonly used terminals in accordance with the latest IPC-A-610E and J-STD-001E acceptance standards.

Offered by IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries, Bannockburn, Ill., the DVD demonstrates how to properly solder wires to turret, cup, bifurcated, hook and pierced terminals. The video also illustrates proper wire-wrapping techniques, use of a solder heat bridge for effective heat transfer, soldering for inspectability and evaluation of acceptable and unacceptable solder joints.

"We've added closeup photography that greatly enhances the visual quality and goes a long way in helping the student understand, and remember, acceptable soldering practices and techniques," notes Mark Pritchard, IPC director of media training.

The training DVD includes a leader's guide, review questions, IPC training certification documents for students who successfully complete the final exam, and English subtitles for hearing-impaired or ESL students.

DVD-18C, Soldering Terminals, is available to IPC member companies for $495 and nonmembers for $595. It also is offered as a site or global license for an online version.