Well-known for their ability to perform in harsh environments due to their completely enclosed ball bearings and raceways, DualVee Guide Wheels have a lesser known distinct advantage; they can accommodate up to 500°F operating environments. Complemented by lubrication and customized grease, carbon steel, stainless steel and polymer wheels all can withstand the temperature and duty cycles of high heat applications.

Lubrication is the key to maintaining a long service life and minimizing field failure.  Internally, guide wheels are lubricated for life with an extreme pressure, corrosion resistant grease, but the lubrication of the wheel/track interface is the responsibility of the user.  Lubricator assemblies prevent damage to bearings and help prevent corrosion, even in stainless steel systems. Most bearing failures are caused by inadequate, complete lack of and/or wrong type of lubricant.

In high temperature operating environments, lubrication is especially important. Friction caused by the wheels rolling across the track generates additional heat at their interface, which can lead to excessive heat buildup in the wheel, and cause the contact surfaces to gall.  This can potentially lead to excessive brinelling or spalling on the rolling contact surfaces, eventually resulting in premature failure of the system. The use of guide wheels with high temperature grease and proper track lubrication will help decrease friction-generated heat buildup and protect against premature system failure.