Hauck has updated its combustion training agenda to create a flexible seminar customizable to suit attendees' needs. From basic combustion science to advanced computer-driven modeling of combustion applications, the seminar offers information needed to optimize combustion equipment. Both two- and three-day sessions are offered, depending on training needs. The course will be held April 12-14 at Hauck Manufacturing Co.'s combustion laboratory, located at its headquarters in Lebanon, Pa.

Among the topics planned for the seminar are:
  • Burner Sizing. Attendees will learn how to calculate the total fuel input needed for oven/furnace and process requirements, then relate that value to a burner selection.
  • System Design. The advantages and disadvantages of various air/fuel ratio control methods will be described to help attendees determine the optimum oven/furnace zone configurations and burner selection.
  • Piping Design. Attendees will learn about basic air and fuel piping practices, control component selection, fluid mechanics and orifice meters.
  • Blowers and Sound. How to use fan laws, perform blower sizing and calculate performance for standard and nonstandard conditions will be explained. Students will calculate sound pressures at distances and determine blower sound levels with silencers.
  • Emissions. A general discussion of emissions will explore how design decisions impact emission levels.
Class work will be supplemented by hands-on exercises in the laboratory.

Students that enroll in the three-day course also will learn about e-Solutions for Combustion, a software tool that can be used to solve combustion design issues. The 4.3x version of e-Solutions will be included for each attendee of the three-day session.

The two-day session costs $650, and the three-day session costs $850. The registration fee includes lunch and dinner, hospitality suite and seminar manual. Accommodations are not included in registration fee though transportation to and from hotel can be provided.