Endress+Hauser earned accredited status to ISO17025 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), Frederick, Md., for both laboratory and field calibration of process instrumentation. The company’s calibration and service center in LaPorte, Texas, is the main laboratory, and the accreditation covers both laboratory calibrations in LaPorte as well as field calibrations at a customer’s location. According to the company, Endress+Hauser is the only process instrument manufacturer with the ability to provide both lab and field accredited calibrations.

The scope of accreditation includes temperature, flow and pressure for both laboratory and on-site calibration. Also included within the scope are electrical parameters associated with current, voltage, resistance and frequency pertaining to internal laboratory calibration.

Who needs calibration? Instruments that are not part of a regular calibration program with established calibration intervals run the risk of operating out of tolerance. Small deviations can up to tens of thousands of dollars, impacting production, profit and loss. Endress+Hauser offers this example: A temperature transmitter that indicates 284°F (140°C) steam temperature when the actual temperature is 286°F (141.1°C) can cost a company $10,000 per year. The 2°F (~1°C) temperature difference would amount to 44 lb of wasted steam per hour.