A new manufacturing facility in Singapore is expected to expand Metallized Carbon Corp.'s presence into Asia. The facility will provide local support for its customers in the Pacific Rim and reduce lead times, says the maker of oil-free, self-lubricating, carbon-graphite materials.

Metcar Asia Pte. Ltd will machine parts to customer specifications using its engineered carbon materials shipped from the company's United States division, which is headquartered in Ossining, N.Y. The Singapore facility will use modern machine tool technology to make mechanical components such as bearings and seal rings. The parts are suited for use in pumps, mixers and meters where they must run submerged in fluids such as water, gasoline, solvents and heat transfer fluids.

The components also can be manufactured for running dry in high temperature applications. For instance, they are suited for use as high temperature bearing assemblies for continuous dryers.

Metcar Asia Pte. Ltd is located at 7 Kallang Place #04-11, Singapore 339153. The company’s chief executive officer, Ishizawa Satoshi, can be reached by telephone at 65-6299-5790, by fax at 65-6299-5791, or via email at ishizawa@metcar.com.sg or sales@metcar.com.sg.