Combustion Safeguard

Designed for new installations, replacements and retrofits, Protectofier offers features such as hard wiring, enclosed relays, encapsulated transformer, a single terminal block, interchangeable components and high signal strength. Model 6642FF also incorporates proof of closure, proof of high fire purge, purge timing, proof of low fire start, ignition trial timing, no early spark termination, pilot interrupt timing and eight status lights to provide operator feedback. It is offered in both open and enclosed styles, with the latter incorporating a NEMA 4/12 cabinet with a viewing window.
Protection Controls Inc., (847) 674-7676,,

Modular Gas Safety Shutoff Valves

Suited for use industrial boilers, furnaces, ovens, heating equipment, gas generators and kilns, gas safety shutoff valves have a compact double-valve footprint and high flow rates. The 8214(200) Series two-way normally closed solenoid valves can be used for fuel gases up to 5 psi. The V710(B)/AH(E) Series two-way normally closed electrohydraulic actuated valves can be used with fuel gases up to 15 psi. This series is available with fast- and slow-opening constructions. Both product families come in 0.75 to 3" pipe sizes and have aluminum body constructions with pressure taps up and downstream.
ASCO, (800) 972-2726,,

Single-Ended Recuperative Burner
Single-ended recuperative burner offers improved efficiency to help users save energy. The finned combustor provides increased heat transfer surface. The design also provides improved heat flux and temperature uniformity. According to the manufacturer, it cuts fuel costs over sealed ambient burners. Model SER v5 is intended for use in any indirect-fired application. It has been designed for use in continuous or batch-type furnaces.
Eclipse, (815) 877-3031,

Low Emissions Burner
Ovenpak LE provides clean combustion on any clean fuel gas, with NOXand CO levels that are less than half of conventional burners. Designed for ease-of-use, the lowe emission performance burner offers a balanced pressure design and visible ignition action, simplifying commissioning, adjustment and routine maintenance. Its high turndown provides good process control.
Maxon, A Honeywell Co., (765) 284-3304,

Multifunction Gas Shutoff Valve Actuators Simplify Installation
All electrohydraulic actuators in the SKP Series can be used in combination with any of the company’s VG Series gas valves. The modular approach creates a matrix of valve combinations, allowing manufacturers to meet varied capacity and pressure regulation requirements with minimal inventory. The actuators fit all valve sizes from 0.5 to 6. Features include a visual stroke position indicator; optional proof-of-closure overtravel switch; and optional auxiliary position switches. Model SKP25 performs both safety shutoff and gas-pressure regulation, eliminating the need for a separately piped pressure regulator.
SCC Inc., 224-366-8445,

Gas Infrared Burner
Noted for endurance in bad environments, Model RL-130A can be positioned side by side, end to end, in a single or dual line, in a U shape or in a sawtooth pattern. Mounting on a manifold adapter with a single socket head screw eases replacement. Each unit has a 100 percent radiating face without exposed metal for maximum efficiency.
Indesco Oven Products, (217) 622-6345,

Mat for Blue-Flame Use
Metal fiber burner heads are intended for clean premix combustion. A lightweight mat made of FeCrA1M alloy fibers, G-mat is intended for blue-flame burner applications. It is designed to be added onto existing perforated sheet metal burners to reduce NOXbelow 10 ppm. The fabric mat insulates the heat and provides a hot combustion bed for the stable combustion of a full aerated fuel/air mixture. Modulation is up to 10:1 in blue flame mode.
Micron Fiber-Tech Corp., (386) 668-7895,

Gas Burners
Models BIC and ZIC are suitable for use on ovens, gas-fired industrial furnaces and ceramic kilns. The burners utilize a lightweight tube manufactured from a high quality silicon carbide. The silicon carbide tube is well-suited for installations using ceramic fiber insulation and brick linings.
Hauck, a product brand of the Elster Group, (717) 272-3051,