Heat Transfer System Cleaner

DuraClean Ultra is capable of cleaning sludge, coke and varnish from expansion tanks, reservoirs, processes and piping within a few hours. The heat transfer system cleaner has a light odor but maintains the aggressive cleaning action found with caustic solutions and chemical solvents. Engineered to clean quickly with minimal labor and downtime, users simply drain the existing fluid from the entire system or just the troublesome areas, circulate at 150°F (66°C) until the system is deposit-free, drain thoroughly and refill with fresh heat transfer fluid.
Duratherm Extended Life Fluids, (800) 446-4910,  info@heat-transfer-fluid.com, www.heat-transfer-fluid.com

Thermal Heat Transfer Fluid

MultiTherm PG-1 is a nontoxic, colorless and odorless food-grade heat transfer fluid that has an operating temperature above 600°F (316°C). In the food processing industry, the heat transfer fluid is used in indirect heating loops for frying and baking. It is acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid in plants operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection Program. It does not contain any components recognized as hazardous chemicals under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Also, it is also FDA certified, USDA acceptable, NSF HT-1 approved for incidental contact, Kosher certified, and food certified in Canada.
MultiTherm, (800) 225-7440, techinfo@multitherm.com, www.multitherm.com

System Cleaner Liquid Dissolves Sludge
Paratherm LC liquid restores thermal fluid system performance on the fly. Cleaning while the system operates, it dissolves and suspends sludge deposits that can reduce flow - and thus heat transfer - in larger continuously operated hot-oil systems. Compatible with mineral-oil-based fluids, it operates while the system does, eliminating the downtime and extra handling and disposal involved with flushing fluids or chemical cleaning agents.
Paratherm Corp., (610) 941-4900, www.paratherm.com

Heat Transfer Fluid
Purity FG is a food-grade fluid that provides high thermal efficiency in systems operating up to 620°F (326°C). The heat transfer fluid’s chemistry can extend fluid life and can lower operating costs by reducing the frequency of fluid change-outs. Typical applications include drying, central cooking facilities, edible oil deodorizing and the heating of deep frying oils. The fluid also may be used in heating baths where an odorless, nonhazardous fluid is required for worker health and safety.
Petro-Canada, (888) 284-4572, www.calflo.com

Corrosion-Resistant Fluid
Designed to protect brass, copper, steel, cast iron, aluminum and other metals used in cooling and heating systems, Jeffcool coolants and heat transfer fluids contain corrosion inhibitors that attach to metal surfaces to passivate them. The ethylene-glycol- and propylene-glycol-based fluids can be used for process cooling.
Huntsman Corp., (713) 235-6303, www.huntsman.com

Fluids Offered in Many Chemistries
Available in a range of product chemistries, these heat transfer fluids deliver performance characteristics for stability, pressure, pumpability and other system operating requirements. Included are Dowtherm synthetic organic fluids; Syltherm silicone fluids; Ucon polyalkylene glycol-based fluids; and Dowtherm, Dowfrost, Dowcal and Ucartherm inhibited glycol-based fluids. The company’s global team of heat transfer experts offers a complete package of technical support.
Dow Chemical Co., (800) 447-4369, www.dow.com

Heat Transfer Fluids
Therminol heat transfer fluids meet the requirements of most chemical processes. Each chemical process has unique operating parameters that can be used by a design or process engineer to select the heat transfer fluid that will result in the best total performance. Therminol 55 can be used when only moderate temperatures are needed. Therminol 59 is best when combination heating and cooling conditions are present. Therminol 66 liquid-phase heat transfer fluids, as well as Therminol VP-1 and Therminol VP-3 vapor-phase heat transfer fluids, are preferred when high operating temperatures are required.
Solutia Inc., (800) 426-2463, www.therminol.com

Nontoxic Heat Transfer Fluid
Dynalene SF is thermally stable at temperatures up to 600°F (316°C). The fluid has demonstrated performance over a range of temperatures without compromising system reliability. Recommended temperature range is 32 to 600°F (0 to 316°C).
Dynalene Heat Transfer Fluids, (610) 262-9686, www.dynalene.com

Tolling and Reclamation Services
Reclamation service can help users reduce costs by up to 50 percent when compared with new fluids. A qualified staff of chemical engineers provides pre-distillation and post-distillation analysis of reclaimed fluid. The company can reclaim most fluorinated oils, solvents and specialty chemicals.
TMC Industries Inc., (800) 772-8179, www.tmcindustries.com