Despatch Industries, Minneapolis, has sold several custom thawing chambers to a pharmaceutical manufacturer for thawing bags of frozen liquid in its production line.

The units, engineered with three chambers, tightly control the thaw rate of each batch. The technology uses high speed horizontal airflow in a closed chamber to thaw batches as quickly as possible while maintaining a uniform temperature in each individual bag. Constructed of 316L and 304 stainless steel, the units are cGMP-compliant. In the interior, rounded polished corners ease cleaning.

Typically, the pharmaceutical plant would use a water bath for this application, but Despatch’s custom solution eliminates the possibility of cross contamination from leaking bags, a potential problem with water baths.

“This unique piece of equipment was fully customized to the customer’s exacting standards,” says Rolf Kragseth of Despatch sales. “We worked very closely with the customer throughout the concept and design phase, using our knowledge of heat transfer and clean fabrication to guide the design so that not only the construction standards were met and the equipment fit in a small footprint, but so that the equipment met the process specification.”