If you missed the webcast “Improving Process Heating Efficiencies with Infrared,” you have a second chance. The no-cost webinar is archived at www.process-heating.com where you can view it on demand through March 2011. Click on the red webinar icon to get to the registration page.

Nearly 400 people registered for the webinar, which explained the ins and outs of infrared heating and how it can save end-users money and energy. In just 60 minutes, you will learn how infrared ovens, dryers and burners:
  • Fit your application.
  • Provide fast rampup.
  • Offer temperature consistency.
  • Improve product uniformity.
  • Cut process time.
  • Lower energy costs.
As representatives of the Infrared Equipment Division of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association, presenters Bob Beattie, president of Process Thermal Dynamics in Brandon, Minn., and Tom Bannos, former president of Red-Ray Manufacturing Inc. in Branchburg, N.J., pulled from their years of infrared expertise.