Many manufacturing companies want to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their facilities. One source for more information on the topic is an upcoming webinar, organized byProcess Heating, focused on “Minimizing Greenhouse Gases with VOC Oxidizers.”

Scheduled for Tuesday, October 5, at 2 p.m. ET, the no-cost online seminar promises to help end-users squeeze the most work out of their existing oxidizer or select a new one. Oxidizer end-users will learn how to:
  • Match a new oxidizer to their needs.
  • Minimize fuel use.
  • Reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Work with lean or rich vapors.
The webinar will be presented by Thomas F. McGowan, PE, the president and founder of Atlanta-based TMTS Associates Inc., an engineering consulting firm. McGowan has 35 years of experience in combustion, air pollution control, solids handling and industrial ventilation.

The webinar is sponsored by Adwest Technologies; Air-Clear LLC; Catalytic Combustion Corp.; Catalytic Products International; Geoenergy Div., A.H. Lundberg Associates; Megtec Systems; Pollution Systems; and Turner EnviroLogic.

To register for the session, visit