The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute announced certifications of six ISA100.11a wireless devices, as conducted by National Technical Systems Inc., Calabasas, Calif., for the Research Triangle Park, N.C.-based institute.

ISA100.11a wireless devices that have completed certification include:

  • XYR 6000 Pressure Transmitters (Gauge, Absolute and Differential Pressure); Models STWA94L, STDW924/930/974, STGW944/94L/974/97L/98L
  • XYR 6000 Universal IO Transmitter; Model STUW700/701
  • XYR 6000 Temperature Transmitter with Digital Input Transmitter; Model STTW401
  • XYR 6000 Temperature Transmitter; Model STTW400
  • XYR 6000 Multiple Digital Input Transmitter; Model STXW500
  • EJX B Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitters
The ISA100.11a industrial wireless networking standard is the first in the ISA100 family of standards. This wireless mesh network standard protocol helps supplier companies build interoperable wireless automation control products. As a result, manufacturing sites are able to create, modify, optimize and scale a wireless network quickly and seamlessly.

The institute also announced the ISA100.11a certification of the Nivis communication protocol stack, enabling integration of ISA100.11a wireless communication technology into real-world industrial plant applications.

“We are excited with this achievement and it brings us all one step closer to ISA100.11a broad market adoption,” says Andre Ristaino, managing director of WCI. “We will continue to test new products as they become ready and look forward to announcing installations of registered ISA100.11a wireless devices.”