Amid much controversy, the EPA has released new and expansive rules governing new and existing boilers and process heaters. The 750 pages of regulations apply to large and small industrial, commercial and institutional boilers at both area and major sources of hazardous air pollutants. If the new standards affect your boiler or process heater, a no-cost webinar can help you make sense of what you need to do.

Pollution control expert Tom McGowan, P.E., president and founder of TMTS Associates Inc., will address the hardware needed to revamp your boiler to meet the new requirements. Air-permitting and compliance expert Lori Pittman, client service and project manager, Sage Environmental Consulting, will outline the compliance strategies to legally operate your boiler.

Scheduled for April 5, at 2 p.m. ET, the free one-hour webinar will leave plenty of time for you to ask the experts your questions and hear their answers live. Watch and listen to the webinar to learn the following:  
  • Practical information on how to achieve compliance at the lowest cost. Will a retrofit or add-ons to your air-pollution control system be enough, or will you need to replace your system with all-new equipment?
  • Compliance strategy development. What are the numerical emissions limits, operation practices and air-pollution control equipment required to meet compliance? Which boiler types and sizes are subject to the rule? When are reports to EPA required? How can facility managers develop an effective compliance strategy and manage the extensive recordkeeping?
  • Untangling the myriad rule changes. Will EPA's plans to reconsider certain aspects of the rules impact your control technology decisions? What are the changes from the 2004 rule that was vacated in 2007?
  Don't be left in the dark. Visit to register for this event. If you cannot attend the live event, you can listen to the archive version on our site.