Most processors likely are familiar with the Industrial Technologies Program from the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. ITP works with industry to develop and promote technologies and tools that industrial processors can use to satisfy energy and environmental performance goals. It is an invaluable resource I have mentioned before, and it has released new tools worth a closer look.
  • Access Industrial Energy Management Resources and Tools
    This free CD includes software tools, tip sheets, fact sheets and case studies to help manage process heating, steam and motor-driven systems. Using the CD, you can get information on energy assessments, learn how to partner with the “Save Energy Now” program, and discover energy-saving technologies. To order your copy, contact the EERE Information Center online at or call (877) 337-3463.

  • Find Incentives for Your Industrial Plant by City or Zip Code
    ITP’s state incentives and resource database currently contains nearly 3,500 programs that provide energy assessments, grants, rebates, loans, training and other tools to help manufacturers implement energy-saving projects. Located at, the site includes incentives at the state, local, utility and non-profit levels.

  • Research Bioenergy Online Resource
    In January, the DOE launched the Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework. It allows simultaneous geographic mapping of complex data sets such as biomass feedstock production, fueling stations and biorefineries on a national, state and county level. Registered users will be able to contribute additional data. For more information, visit
Check out these resources and let me know what you think.

Linda Becker, Associate Publisher and Editor,