Students at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, will get first-hand experience in the application of flue-gas condensation to improve the energy efficiency of a boiler system at the school’s research facility.

The boiler system, which runs primarily on biomass, is an important part of Chalmers’ research and education program, and the installation of flue-gas condensation technology, in addition to enhancing energy efficiency, means that students will have hands-on participation in a plant that contains all the components required for a modern system. Stockholm's Opcon Bioenergy AB will install the school's new system this summer.

“Opcon is an engineering-rich business with cutting-edge skills in thermodynamics, heating theory and energy conversion," says Claes Scheibe, Opcon president. "We already have links with the Royal Institute of Technology. Now students at Chalmers will learn about our technology, which will obviously help us in the future with our recruitment and new partnerships.”