A South American startup pulp mill is getting a new recovery boiler and evaporation plant from Metso.

Helsinki-based Metso received the order from newcomer Eldorado Celulose e Papel S.A., in Trés Lagoas, Brazil. The Recox recovery boiler for the greenfield site will have the largest capacity of steam generation on the American continent, according to Metso. The evaporation plant will be the largest single-line evaporation plant in the world, with six thermal stages and capacity of 1,600 tons/hr.

“The capacity and features of the equipment supplied by Metso relate not only to the return on investment, but also to the search for solutions that bring high technology to sustainable industrial processes," says Carlos Monteiro, Eldorado’s industrial director. "An example is the recovery boiler supplied by Metso, which represents a clean-energy generating process using a renewable raw material, in this case, eucalyptus biomass residues."

The plant is scheduled to begin operating in fourth quarter 2012.