Oxidizers have their own niche in industry: muscling out the harmful byproducts of manufacturing processes. CSM Worldwide Inc., the Mountainside, N.J., maker of catalytic oxidizers, thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers and regenerative catalytic oxidizers, specializes in the removal of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen from exhaust streams, keeping the toxins out of the atmosphere.

Applications for oxidizers vary from the mundane to complicated systems. On its website, CSM briefly highlights some of the projects it has handled over the years. Below is a selection of those mini-case histories, which might give end-users ideas for their own operations. You can see all the CSM case histories with accompanying images by going to www.csmworldwide.com and clicking on "Installations" in the left-hand index column.
  • A major commercial bakery replaced its oxidizer with a convenient standard CSM Catox model in inventory. The unit was ordered, installed and operating in three days. “Now that’s customer service,” the customer told CSM.

  • A large chemical company replaced an existing oxidizer with a state-of-the-art design, 70,000 scfm modular Catox comprised of four individual systems, allowing turndown while maintaining process to one, two or three units.

  • A commercial bakery had CSM engineer and install 4,000’of process ductwork that was designed for thermal expansion and thermal efficiency.

  • A customer experienced significant electrical panel shutdowns with an existing oxidizer from another company, and had CSM integrate and program a new panel to control the oxidizer.

  • A customer had CSM install emissions controls on a bank of four existing 500 hp packaged steam boilers.