If you need to answer design and operation questions related to your heat exchanger, there is an advanced tool for the design, rating and simulation of heat exchangers and fired heaters. In an integrated graphical environment, HTRI Xchanger Suite includes components for heat transfer and associated calculations for:
  • Heat exchangers.

    • Air coolers and economizers.

    • Shell and tube.

    • Hairpin.

    • Jacketed pipes.

    • Plate and frame.

    • Spiral plate.

  • Fired heaters.
Methods contained in the HTRI calculations are integrated in the Windows interface and supported by the data collected by HTRI on industrial-sized heat transfer equipment for nearly 50 years.

All software components are flexible, allowing rigorous specification of the exchanger geometry. This capability makes use of HTRI’s proprietary heat transfer and pressure drop correlations and allows accurate performance predictions possible for all exchangers. Xchanger Suite interfaces with many process simulators, mechanical design programs and physical property databanks.