Crayola installed a 1.9 MW solar farm behind its plant in Easton, Pa., generating enough power to make one billion crayons.
Photo courtesy of Crayola

The sun is smiling down on Crayola. That's a safe conclusion as the 107-year-old crayon manufacturer uses solar energy to generate enough power to make a third of the three billion crayons the plant pumps out each year.

At its 1.9 MW solar farm, the approximately 26,000 thin-film solar panels have cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1,900 tons annually. The power produced provides 10 percent of the facility's total energy consumption.

The $15 million project, funded in part with $1.5 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds under the State Energy Program, sits on 15 leased acres behind its plant in Easton, Pa.