A sight glass and camera system has a fixed focus or zoom lens and a resolution of up to 480 TV lines.

Operators monitoring their process systems in hazardous areas often worry about getting too close to the operation. L.J. Star, Twinsburg, Ohio, has removed the danger with an explosionproof sight-glass camera that allows safe viewing from a distance.

The Lumiglas K25-Ex Visulex camera system offers high resolution for precise observation, ease of operation and setup, and the ability to control and contrast captured images.

Visual observation of processes is important in many chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Operators use sight glasses to see changes inside tanks and vessels to monitor the process. From a remote location, the sight-glass camera allows operators to verify chemical reactions, confirm fluid levels, evaluate foam formation and adjust the processes. Fast response to process conditions may translate into significant production efficiencies. In addition, early detection of irregularities or proper process conditions helps ensure safety and improve production efficiencies. Video can be viewed remotely or from a central location in the plant. If the user provides a gateway to the Internet, streaming video and still images can be accessed from any computer.