Have you ever noticed that when it comes to pictures, there are two types of people: those who labor assiduously behind the camera, and those who happily pose and even mug for it? I fall firmly in the former camp and find fault with most pictures of me. I usually ask the photographer not to use or keep the photo - and get blithely ignored.

Fortunately, since I’m so often the photographer, I have a great collection of photos from events large and small. Cute cat and dog poses? Check. Sunrises and sunsets over water? Check. Family and friends through the years? Check. Cool work shots? Ch… well, not so much. And that’s where you come in.

During my years withProcess Heating, I’ve learned about the manufacturing intricacies of such diverse products, from personal hygiene products to car parts, to gelatin and kraft paper, and everything in between. Yet I have relatively few photos. So, for an upcoming feature, I’d like you to be my photographer and share the coolest heat processing photos you’ve taken.

Now, we don’t want to violate anyone’s confidentiality agreements or get anyone in hot water. Remember to ask permission before you snap and give credit where it is due. But once that’s taken care of, here’s how to send it to us:
  • Upload to our Facebook wall by visiting www.facebook.com/ProcessHeating. (You will need to “Like” the page in order to post.)

  • Post it on your own site or blog and share a link in our LinkedIn group, Process Heating Network, or tweet a link to @ProcessHeating. (Visit www.process-heating.com/connect for links.)

  • Send via e-mail to BeckerL@bnpmedia.com.
Just remember, you must be the owner of any image you submit, and by submitting it, you are granting Process Heating and BNP Media a limited license and right to publish your submission. Complete details are here*, or contact me if you have any questions.

And to get things started, I promise to post a cute cat picture just as soon as we have our first submission. So get snapping!

Linda Becker, Associate Publisher and Editor, BeckerL@bnpmedia.com

*By submitting a photo, you assert that you are the owner of the photo you are submitting, or you are an authorized representative of the owner, if that is a company. BNP Media shall have U.S. and international rights to any submission accepted for publication (including text, photographs, artwork, charts, graphs, etc.) in its edited, redesigned or otherwise altered state. BNP Media shall have the right to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and sell copies of submissions provided.  BNP Media may exercise the foregoing rights in branded or custom, including, but not limited to, BNP’s magazines, e-newsletters, digital editions, and journals, as well as on any Internet or Intranet site over which BNP exercises effective control or with which BNP has a vendor agreement for the placement of content for sale, in reprints or microforms created by BNP.  Each Submission is or will be the original creation of the Contributor or entity.