Find burners for new or retrofit installations.

Combustion Safeguard

Designed for new installations, replacements and retrofits, Protectofier offers features such as hard wiring, enclosed relays, encapsulated transformer, a single terminal block, interchangeable components and high signal strength. Model 6642FF also incorporates proof of closure, proof of high fire purge, purge timing, proof of low fire start, ignition trial timing, no early spark termination, pilot interrupt timing and eight status lights to provide operator feedback. It is offered in both open and enclosed styles, with the latter incorporating a NEMA 4/12 cabinet with a viewing window.

Protection Controls Inc., (847) 674-7676,,

Dual Modular Valve Systems

Dual Modular Valve system (DMV) combines two automatic shutoff valves in one compact housing that can be wired independently or in parallel. Valve 1 (V1) of the DMV-D and DMV-DLE Series is fast-opening and fast-closing. Valve 2 (V2) of the DMV-D is fast-opening, while V2 of the DMV-DLE is slow-opening for smoother light-off. Maximum flow adjustment on V2 provides variable main flow on both models. Internal profiles and compact design optimize flow and provide a low pressure drop. Directly mounting system accessories creates a compact valve train without additional piping. It is recommended for industrial heating applications that require two safety shutoff valves.

Karl Dungs Inc.,, (763) 582-1700,,

Lightweight Mat for Blue-Flame Use

Metal fiber burner heads are intended for clean premix combustion. A lightweight mat made of FeCrA1M alloy fibers, G-mat is intended for blue-flame burner applications. It is designed to be added onto existing perforated sheet metal burners to reduce NOX below 10 ppm. The fabric mat insulates the heat and provides a hot combustion bed for the stable combustion of a full aerated fuel/air mixture. Modulation is up to 10:1 in blue flame mode. Resistant to backfire, it is noiseless and low cost.

Micron Fiber-Tech Corp., (386) 668-7895,,

Ultra Low Emissions Indirect Burner

Model XPO helps ensure optimal fuel usage and reliable ultra-low emissions. The indirect burner produces single-digit NOX at minimal excess air without flue gas recirculation, exotic materials, or metal fiber while providing up to 6:1 turndown ratio. With capacities up to 8 MBTU, the burner is designed to be installed or retrofit into existing applications such as water bath heaters, thermal oil heaters, direct contact water heaters, solution heating/tanks and snow melters.

Maxon, A Honeywell Co., (765) 284-3304,

Modular Gas Safety Shut-Off Valves

Suited for use industrial boilers, furnaces, ovens, heating equipment, gas generators and kilns, gas safety shutoff valves have a compact double-valve footprint and high flow rates. The 8214(200) Series two-way normally closed solenoid valves can be used for fuel gases up to 5 psi. The V710(B)/AH(E) Series two-way normally closed electro-hydraulic actuated valves can be used with fuel gases up to 15 psi. This series is available with fast- and slow-opening constructions. Both product families come in 0.75 to 3" pipe sizes and have aluminum body constructions with pressure taps up and downstream.

ASCO, (800) 972-2726,,

Self-Recuperative Burner
Model TJSR v5 combines a high velocity flame with fuel-saving recuperation. A space-saving integral eductor pulls the furnace exhaust through an internal ceramic recuperator, which preheats the incoming combustion air to high levels, improving furnace operating efficiency. The design of the ThermJet self-recuperative burner for direct-fired furnace heating applications eliminates the need for the hot air ductwork required by external recuperators. The integrated gas and air orifices simplify burner piping, setup and adjustment.
Eclipse Inc., (815) 877-3031,