The infrared company, Hereaus Noblelight, Duluth, Ga., has online answers for end-users’ infrared questions. Here is a sampling.

Q:Is it possible to cure/dry large conductive components like engine blocks with infrared heating?
A:Yes. Infrared emitters with their high transfer of energy enable surfaces to be heated more rapidly overcoming conduction losses.

Q:Are infrared ovens noisy?
A:No. Infrared ovens have no fans or air turbulence that cause excessive noise.

Q:Can you heat in vacuum with infrared?
A:Yes. Infrared emitters can be used to heat components in a vacuum chamber.

Q:What happens in a "dirty" environment when you use infrared?
A:Infrared heat is clean. Without combustion, there is no need to recirculate air.

Q:What can you say about adjustable control in an infrared oven?
A:It is easy to achieve infinitely adjustable control with infrared emitters by selection of energy densities, wavelengths and variable power levels.

Q:How about holding part temperature in an infrared oven?
A:Holding with infrared employs electrical controls to prevent a temperature increase or decrease, generally from a closed-loop automatic system.

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