After its energy assessment through the Industrial Assessment Center at the University of Delaware, Chrome Deposit Corp., received six suggestions to lower energy consumption at its Newark, Del., plating facility.
  1. Insulate condensate tank and pipes.
  2. Install stack dampers (not recommended by boiler manufacturer).
  3. Install covers on plant exhaust fans.
  4. Analyze flue gas air-fuel ratio.
  5. Reduce compressed air pressure.
  6. Replace motor drive belts with energy-efficient pulleys and cogs.
Since implementing the DOE recommendations, Chrome Deposit Corp. has started on a new goal of increasing its truck fleet’s miles per gallon by 5 percent.

Could the steps implemented by Chrome benefit your plant as well? To learn more about Chrome Deposit Corp.’s energy assessment and production upgrades, visit and search for “Fuel-Sucking Plating Process Totes Up Big Reductions.”