Described as a greener alternative for the disposal of used process fluids, a program from Quaker Chemical to help its customers to lower their costs and lessen their environmental impact. The manufacturer of metalworking process fluids will help its customers recycle and reuse many of the process fluids utilized in a metalworking facility.

When automotive production declined in the later part of 2008, many manufacturers found it necessary to decommission machines. Rather than dispose of unused process oils and lubricants, Quaker helps its customers to recycle these fluids by capturing them and either transferring them to other lines, to other facilities, or reformulating them for use in completely different processes. The is can result in cost savings due to reduced waste disposal costs and also avoiding the need to buy new, virgin materials.

For example, the Conshohocken, Pa.-based fluid maker helped one automotive manufacturer to recycle almost 15,000 gal of straight oil from a machining operation and reuse it within its facility, resulting in almost $100,000 of direct savings. In another instance, Quaker took hydraulic fluid from a decommissioned machine and transferred it for use at another of the customer's facilities, saving the customer around $20,000.