A video podcast, or vodcast, on leak detection strategies from Krohne helps explain how to select the right leak detection system for a particular application.

During the vodcast, Joe Incontri, director of marketing for Krohne North America, Peabody, Mass., describes different leak detection systems and details the factors engineers should take into consideration when selecting one.

The vodcast also explains why leak detection systems have become more significant. “Leak detection systems have taken on greater and greater importance in response to regulatory concerns and also because pipeline operators generally want to enhance productivity and system reliability,” Incontri says in the video.

In addition, the vodcast describes the company’s pipeline leak detection and localization system, which it says can track the location of a leak to within 100 yards of a 6 mile pipeline.

View the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRXv-qqQnLo.