Test and measurement toolmaker Extech Instruments, Nashua, N.H., donated more than $40,000 worth of handheld test equipment to vocational, technical and science programs at area high schools in December as a sort of Christmas present. The array of Extech meters and testers was given to four high schools in eastern Massachusetts.

“Tradespeople help keep our world operating one electrical circuit, one HVAC duct, one circuit board, one industrial motor at a time," says Arpineh Mullaney, Extech vice president, adding that the company is "committed to the fantastic technical training programs available to launch young men and women in high school into in-demand careers.”

Test equipment was donated for use in the following programs: electrical, electronics, HVAC, auto body, automotive technology, plant/facilities management, carpentry, robotics, and science and lab programs.

Go to www.extech.com/instruments for more information about the company.