A $10.5 million facility expansion at Fulton provides efficiencies that are already allowing for increased response to customer demands, according to company officials. While introducing the recently completed project, Mark Hilton, Fulton’s vice president of manufacturing, also noted, “The new facility will also provide the opportunity to expand Fulton’s product lines.”

At the Pulaski, N.Y.-based facility, the expansion’s manufacturing space is already fully functioning; office space transitions have begun and are expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2012. According to the company, an additional $3.5 million will be spent to complete project interior and equipment needs. All told, the project is expected to provide:
  • 10,000 ft2 of new research and development space.

  • 82,000 ft2 of new manufacturing space.

  • 20,000 ft2 of additional office space.

  • 70 tons of additional lifting capacity at Pulaski, N.Y. headquarters.
Guests will be encouraged to visit and see firsthand the innovative technologies employed for heating and cooling, lighting, and customized energy recovery. Some of them include:
  • Heating. The heating system for the office space uses a 12-zone in-floor radiant hydronic system that can be heated using waste heat from the manufacturing processes or the factory's research and development facilities.

  • Cooling. The office space is divided up into 43 zones with a chilled beam system mounted in the ceilings to efficiently distribute cooling to the building occupants. Cooling towers are incorporated to manage the energy balance of the overall system. For example, when waste heat exceeds the energy required by the system, excess energy can be rejected to the cooling towers. The system also has the potential to utilize gas absorption heat pumps and retention ponds as an energy source.
The expansion also provided an opportunity for Fulton’s affiliate, Synex Controls, to integrate a custom energy-management system to centralize and manage the facility’s heating, cooling, fresh air, humidification and lighting.

Video and project background can be viewed online at www.fulton.com.